Self Tow Terms & Conditions 2020




“Customer” the person or persons hiring the touring caravan – The “Hirer”

“Company” J McCulloch T/a Paultons Caravan Hire

“Our” or “us” or “we” J McCulloch T/a Paultons Caravan Hire


 1) The Hirer must be aged over 25 years and under 70 years old and hold a current UK Driving Licence which includes Categories B + E (Towing requirements).  The Hirer must have some experience of Towing, and the decision to allow the Self Tow will be at our discretion. The Hirer’s Driving Licence must be available for inspection and copying prior to hiring. The Hirer must also provide a Utility Bill (Not including Telephone) no less than three months old. We will require the hirer’s full name, date of birth, address and vehicle registration number.

 2) Whilst Towing, The Caravan will be insured by us, and a one off Fee of £85.00 will be payable on booking. In the event of an accident, the hirer will be responsible for the first £350.00 of any claim arising and this will automatically be deducted from the Damage Deposit.  2a) The hirer is equipped with a hitch lock and wheel clamp on collecting the caravan. Once the caravan is parked, it is the hirer’s responsibility to attach these to the caravan to secure.

 3) An Insurance Certificate and Registration Document for the towing vehicle must be presented for inspection and copying prior to hiring.

 4) The Caravan and Equipment must only be towed by the hirer named on the Booking and must NOT be rented out to a third party nor towed by anyone else other than the hirer.

 5) The Hirer must ensure that the towing vehicle is adequate for the weight of the caravan, and has a suitable tow bar correctly wired to tow a caravan. Please ask for assistance in calculating this.

 6) The Hirer must inform us as soon as is practical of any breakdown, accident or damage that may affect the subsequent hiring of the caravan. THE HIRER MUST HAVE BREAKDOWN & RECOVERY SERVICES POLICY TO INCLUDE THE CARAVAN FOR THE UK AND ABROAD (IF APPLICABLE) AND WE WOULD REQUIRE FULL WRITTEN CONFIRMATION OF THE POLICY PRIOR TO HIRING THE CARAVAN

 7) The hirer is responsible for the equivalent replacement of a Tyre or Tyres should it become not roadworthy or damaged during the hire.

 8) No liability will be accepted for any shortages or failure of the equipment should it occur, or for any loss, accident or injury however caused.

 9) We reserve the right to refuse hire without stating our reasons.

10) No Bicycles or other large items are to be carried in the caravan.

11) Self Tow is not available for Festivals, Rallies or Fairs.

12) There is strictly NO SMOKING in all of our caravans and awnings in the interest of safety and consideration to other hirers.

13) A booking deposit of £100.00 for a weekend hire, £150.00 for a weekly hire, £200.00 for a two weekly hire, will be required at the time of booking.

14) A damage deposit of £350.00 (£550.00 if travelling abroad) will be required with the balance of the hire and refunded after the hire subject to satisfactory inspection.  See General T & Cs for further details.

 15) If due for unforeseen circumstances the caravan booking is not available, every effort will be made to supply an alternative caravan.

 16) For Collection and Return times, please see our General Terms & Conditions.

 17) We will require the full name & address of the destination the caravan will be towed to.


Breaches of Terms and Conditions:

If you commit a breach of these terms and conditions, we reserve the right to terminate your booking, and if you are already hiring the caravan, we may require you to vacate it immediately.  A breach of these terms and conditions may include, failure to comply with our instruction or health and safety advice, or circumstances where your behaviour, or that of your guests, is likely to have a serious negative effect upon our caravan or people or property in the vicinity.  No refund will be given for any fees paid.


Booking a hire with us deems acceptance of these terms and conditions. Please make sure you have read and understood them fully, thank you.

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