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“Customer” the person or persons hiring the touring caravan – The “Hirer”

“Company” J & D McCulloch T/a Paultons Caravan Hire

“Our” or “us” or “we” J & D McCulloch T/a Paultons Caravan Hire



A booking Deposit will be required at the time of booking, rates are as follows: Weekend Hire - £100.00  One Week Hire - £150.00 Two Weeks Hire - £200.00 Festivals, Fairs & Rallies - £250.00.  The balance will be due six weeks before the hire period.  If the booking is made less than six weeks before the hire period, full payment of the hire will be required along with a surety deposit  (see below)

A surety deposit of £250.00 (Between £350-£550 for Festivals, Fairs & Rallies) will be required with the balance of your booking.  If the booking is made less than six weeks before the hire period, the surety will be required immediately along with full payment. 

The Surety deposit will be refunded after the hire period, and subject to a satisfactory inspection.  The caravan must be returned complete and in a good, clean condition.  The toilet cassette must be emptied, cleaned and rinsed out completely.  Failure to do this will incur an immediate charge of £50.00.  If the toilet cassette is allowed to overflow, a further charge of £100.00 will be applied with no exceptions and both will be deducted from the damage/surety deposit. 


Rules & Regulations:

(1) It is an offence for the Customer to smoke, or allow any other person to smoke, in any of our Hire vehicles.  Therefore, we have a strict NO SMOKING policy in all of our caravans and Awnings. (2) NO Pets are allowed in our caravans at any time.  (3) NO Bicycles or additional heavy items are to be stored inside our caravans at any time. (4) Stiletto heels must not to be worn inside any of our caravans.  (5) Please ensure that no ball games are played against the outside of the caravans, as this will cause damage.  (6) Our 4 berth caravans are for a maximum of 4 people, no extra persons are to be allowed to inhabit these caravans.  (7) Our 6 berth caravans are for a maximum of 6 people, no extra persons are to be allowed to inhabit these caravans.  (8) Holding gatherings, parties or meetings of more than the permitted number of people in each class of caravan is not permitted.  (9) Sub letting any of our Caravans is not permitted under any circumstances. (10) Removal of any of our caravans parts, whether fixed or free standing is strictly prohibited unless authorised by us. (11) The security of the external equipment with our caravans is the responsibility of the customer. (12) The customer should be aware that equipment such as Aqua rolls and handles, water pipes and pumps, waste masters, etc., are at risk of theft. (13) Please ensure all water containers are kept topped up, if the water runs out, it will damage the pump and you will be charged for replacement and/or damage. (14) All of our Caravans, once situated at your chosen destination, are fitted with hitch locks and wheel clamps and cannot be removed unless a member of Paultons Caravan Hire is present or by special arrangement.



All our caravans are fully serviced with Electric & Gas Certification. There will be a mileage Charge at the current rate at the time of hire for Delivery & Collection of the Caravans.  Customers will be advised of this cost at the time of booking. The Customer is responsible for booking holiday parks/campsites and paying their own pitch fees.  Our caravans are delivered complete with Kettle, Toaster, crockery, cutlery, Saucepans, frying pan, utensils, glasses, tumblers, bottle/can openers, various other cookware, a water carrier and handle, Waste container and electric hook-up lead.  YOU WILL NEED TO BRING YOUR OWN BEDDING, INCLUDING SHEETS (WATERPROOF IF APPLICABLE), QUILTS, SLEEPING BAGS, PILLOWS, AND TOWELS. Delivery/Collection of the hire caravan is made after 2pm on the first day of hire and collected/Returned no later than 11am on the final day of hire (Unless otherwise agreed and in writing). Times outside of these will incur an extra charge. All delivery/collection times will be discussed and confirmed by email prior to delivery.  Should the customer not be at the destination at the agreed time (within reason) for delivery and/or Collection, an hourly charge of £35.00 will be made until the Customer arrives. We reserve the right to re-hire the caravan and accept no liability in respect of loss or inconvenience to the customer.  It is also essential that the caravan is cleaned and emptied of personal effects by the agreed collection time. In the event that this is not the case, and the caravan is not ready for collection, we reserve the right to withhold the surety deposit and charge you the loss for the following hire.  

On delivery of the caravan, the customer will be given clear instructions on the workings of the caravan, together with written instructions.  The customer will be required to sign for the keys and to confirm they have understood the instructions.



The hirer must inform us as soon as possible of any breakdown, accident or damage to the caravan on the contact numbers supplied at point of hire. The Hirer must obtain prior consent from us before giving any instruction for the repair of the caravan.  All receipts for repairs must be retained and defective parts must be available for inspection.

All damage, shortages, unemptied/dirty toilet cassettes, unemptied waste water carriers, evidence of smoking, excessively dirty caravans, our removal of personal effects and/or food left in the caravan, & damage to awnings will result in the forfeit of some or all of the surety deposit at our discretion.  PLEASE NOTE: Repairs & Extra Cleaning required will be charged @ £35.00 per hour with no exceptions.



No Liability will be accepted for any shortages or failure of equipment, should it occur, or for any loss, accident or injury.

We will accept no liability in respect of negligence or damage to the hirer’s property in respect of which the hirer shall claim against our insurers.  In cases where the Hirer is hiring in the course of their business, we also do not accept liability for losses of profits, business, contracts, goodwill, expenses or other similar losses resulting from our negligence.  The extent of our liability shall be limited to the price agreed to be paid by the hirer for the right to use our caravan for the period agreed.

The Customer is responsible for the full cost of any replacements of equipment, repairs to damage and, if applicable, loss of earnings caused by the Customer, or person or persons under the Customer’s control, causing the losses or damage however caused.


Cancellation Policy

Cancellation more than 6 weeks prior to commencement of the hire will forfeit the booking deposit.  

For Cancellations between 42 and 30 days before commencement of Hire will incur a charge of 25% of the total hire fees 

For Cancellations between 29 and 21 days before commencement of Hire will incur a charge of 50% of the total hire fees 

For Cancellations between 20 and 14 days before commencement of Hire will incur a charge of 80% of the total hire fees 

For Cancellations less than 14 days before commencement of Hire, the customer will forfeit the full payment of the hire

It is the Customer’s responsibility to arrange Holiday (Cancellation) Insurance and we strongly recommend you do this.



Breaches of Terms and Conditions:

If you commit a breach of these terms and conditions, we reserve the right to terminate your booking, and if you are already hiring the caravan, we may require you to vacate it immediately.  A breach of these terms and conditions may include, failure to comply with our instruction or health and safety advice, or circumstances where your behaviour, or that of your guests, is likely to have a serious negative effect upon our caravan or people or property in the vicinity.  No refund will be given for any fees paid


Booking a hire with us deems acceptance of these terms and conditions. Please make sure you have read and understood them fully, thank you.

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